Bethantax Power

Bethantax Power is a brand of hair care products developed by Orka Cosmetics. The main objective of the brand is to address the problem of hair loss and promote the growth of new hair using innovative technologies. They strive to offer sustainable products that prioritize hair health.

Bethantax Power products are created using the latest technology in dermaceuticals and food supplements to protect and nourish hair. The brand conducted extensive research and development in 2020 and introduced their new systems and contents to consumers in 2021.

With their unique formula and ongoing clinical studies, Bethantax Power has gained recognition as a brand that is trusted and used by physicians. Their products have been used for therapeutic purposes in hospitals and clinics. The brand works closely with contracted institutions such as Acıbadem Hospitals Group, Medicana Health Group, Memorial, Medikal Park, and private clinics.

Bethantax Power aims to provide customers with optimal hair health through their advanced infrastructure and effective formula.

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