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validus store carefully choose everything you require for recuperation and therapy and conveniently place it at your disposal.

Hair Care Products

Agents hair loss, After hair transplantation

Food Supplements

Hair nutrients, Minerals, Calcium and Iron.

Injectable Treatments

Injection cosmetology, RPP and Mesotherpay

  • PRP
  • Mesotherpay
  • Minoxidil
  • Dutasteride

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The finest price offerings that are affordable to everyone, including discounts and coupons in our store.

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The leading firms provide the fastest international shipping, packing, and packaging services.

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Unique store are specifically designed to meet the needs and preferences of our clientele.

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Throughout the day, we are fully prepared to answer any concerns and give answers.

Your Health, Our Values.

Extracts of natural ingredients

Contribute distinct value-added components such as color, functionality, and nutritional elements.

Dermatologist Tested

The products has been approved by specialists in skin health. and openly recommends it to patients.

International Registration Certificate

All items have been registered by the Health Administration, FDA,IQM and other institutions.

Best Manufacturing Standard

Quality standards are used to verify that materials, products, processes, and services are appropriate for their intended use.

Not Tested on Animals

Research on fundamental biology and illnesses should not be conducted on living animals in order to determine their effectiveness.

No negative impact of neutral

Because the circumstances are adjusted to limit undesirable repercussions, or the impacts are minor and do not modify the features.

What They’re Saying

The welcoming is wonderful, and the treatment altered the shape of the adviser. The procedure was quite pleasant, there were no complications, and the medical personnel was extremely knowledgeable. I was overjoyed and pleased by the findings. I would suggest it to everyone who wants to grow their hair.

David WilliamsUnited Kindom

I have been using this product for 3 months following a hair transplant I am very satisfied I really recommend them. In addition, my package had been lost by the carrier, but the customer service was very professional and responsive and sent me a new product. Thanks to the whole team.

Pascal JaminetFrance

Site is legitimate. Following the procedure, I purchased three time-dependent treatments recommended by my therapist. I received the ordered things on time. The support personnel communicated quite well. Thank you very much. I strongly suggest it.

Laura StewartAustralia

I order THE MOSSI PACKAGE SET, excellent product with nicely packed and received on time, its very convenient to purchase the products, and the customer service will guide you how to get the order, and they will monitor you until you got your order. THANK YOU SO MUCH

Ronald ValdezPoland

A specialized and highly qualified center, I worked with them for transplantation, and everyone was in the service and follow-up,They provided me with all the service and assistance before and after the operation. finally Great customer service. and i had 6 months treatment kit as gift they delivered it to my hotel.

Tony GrahamUnited State

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We provide the difference you can feel in the quality of restoring your radiance, the exceptional value at which you shine, and our steadfast dedication to assuring your entire pleasure.


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