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  • For over 10 years, Dermoaroma has been recognized and respected across the globe for its commitment to ongoing research and development, allowing it to establish itself in the Italian and international Medical Aesthetics industries with specific products in the field of regenerative medicine.
  • Dermoaroma demonstrates a solid groundwork on which to construct a qualitative and tangible offer due to its high capacity, high technological knowledge, dependability, and ethical vision. Significant successes have been obtained by partnership with the medical profession, working with important Italian institutions, and encouraging research and continual analysis on samples of their goods to evaluate and confirm their validity.
  • Dermaroma products are a unique approach that offers a new frontier in therapeutic cell regeneration, providing a safe and effective solution that assures repeatability and consistency of outcomes.
  • New generation items, developed using modern technology, are meant to increase the quality and efficacy of their use.
  • The kits have sterile primary packaging and are packaged in a laminar flow environment. They are certified as a medical device class IIa.
  • All products have been reviewed and manufactured in accordance with international environmental standards and processes. They also registered with the Ministry of Health in the National registration number under the categorization CND.
  • all goods are CE marked (93/42/EEC revised by Directive 2007/47/CEE) and further validated in compliance with several ISO certifications such as:
    • ISO 9001:2008.
    • EN ISO 13485:2012.
    • EN ISO14971:2009.
    • ISO 109933:2005.


  • Claim Plus Serum Vials 6ml x12

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  • Claim Shampoo And Serum Set 1 Month After Hair Transplantation

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  • DPG PRP Bio Cell Regenerating Plus Kit

    Original price was: £196.15.Current price is: £156.15.