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The Mossi London 6 Month Set Correct Use

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The Mossi London 6 Month Set:

  • The Mossi London 6 Month Set was created with the assistance of a number of doctors and professionals in the field of treating hair problems, as well as a significant contribution from Mossi London laboratories.
  • And although The Mossi London Sets is regarded as one of the first and best products, the main difference between this series and other hair care products is that it is especially developed to treat and provide the requirements of the hair and scalp following hair transplant surgery.
  • Clinical studies have shown that The Mossi London 6 Month Set of Hair Care and Repair after Hair Transplant Procedures:
    • have a direct relationship with the duration of scalp healing in both the transplanted and donor areas.
    • increase in the percentage of vascularized follicles preserved from 70% to 95%,
    • As well as a reduction in the time necessary for hair regrowth to 6 months, which is the actual reason for naming the group “6 months,” especially since most hair specialists are trained that the minimum period to start obtaining the results of the transplantation process is 6 months.

The Mossi London 6 Month Set’s Historical Evolution:

  • The Mossi London laboratory create and prepare the best hair products to help their clients achieve their goals by achieving the best results.
  • Also they works with a number of specialists to prepare clinical studies for individual cases in order to identify the reality of usage and the obstacles that the user experiences.
  • They always seeks feedback from thousands of people throughout the world while creating or upgrading goods, particularly those with uncommon cases or various kinds of hair.
The Mossi London 6 Month Flacon Plus Hair Set

The Mossi London Hair Loss Shampoo.


The Mossi London Hair Vitamin.


The Mossi London Ozonized Hair Oil Complex.


The Mossi London Ozonized Oil Serum Complex.


The Mossi London ProHair Flacon Serum.


The Mossi London Derma Roller.

The most common mistakes while using The Mossi London 6 month set

How do you use the Mossi London set? What is the correct order for using the set? Which serum should be used first?

  • You should know that the therapy need more than using the products you need to following your doctor advice series and have healthy lifestyle.
  • We incorporate all of the product’s useful information with our doctor’s recommendation and Mossi London laboratories.
  • All Mossi London products are made with natural ingredients, so even if you use them in moderation, they will not harm your skin or hair.
  • The Mossi London how to use? is common question so that we organize the items in the correct sequence for you to use.

From Our Experience

“Every person has a unique case, and we hope to ask your therapist first about this general information that will answer your concerns about using the set.”

The Mossi London Hair Loss Shampoo

Many users appreciate the shampoo’s restriction to use exclusively after hair transplantation. However, that product was created to protect and support patients who are suffering hair loss. even if no procedure was performed. It is also ideal for everyday usage because it does not harm the hair or scalp.

  • Start use it from the first day following the hair transplant operation.
  • Apply The Mossi shampoo softly on both areas the transplantation and donor area
  • you may have white dandruff-like flakes on your head, which usually disappears within 15 days of washing.
  • repeat this step twice at least each shower time with attention to the follicles.
  • After leaving the shower, gently blot a towel on your hair to remove moisture.
  • Carefully dry the transplanting area and donor area after washing.
The Mossi London Hair Vitamin 120 Tablets

The Mossi London Hair Vitamin Tablets


This product is not medicine; it is a food supplement that includes vitamins and minerals that assist all body parts, particularly the hair roots, in generating new follicles with natural ingredients. Ginseng, biotin, zinc, vitamin C, b3, b5, and b6

  • Begin using Mossi Vitamin after 1 week of hair transplant operation until you finish the set content.
  • you can use as alternative supplement even if you didn’t suffering from any hair loss problems.
  • It is recommended to take two tablets per day on a full stomach.
  • Drink good amount of water after the tablets

The Mossi London Hair Ozonized Oil Serum Complex


A lot of people didn’t know about The Mossi London Hair Ozonized Oil Serum Complex, which was developed (exactly for healing the donor area), and both of set’s the Mossi London 2 month set and 6 month set contain 1 pieces because its mission ends after 1 month of treatment.

  • Begin using the serum after the first washing date following the procedure.
  • Using your fingertips or palms, carefully apply 4–8 pumps of serum to your skin over the troublesome region (donor area).
  • Allow 1 hour for the serum to absorb completely into your skin.
  • Gently rinse your hair and scalp with Mossi shampoo.
  • It is advised to apply every day for 15 to 1 month.
The Mossi London Ozonized Serum Complex 30ml
The Mossi London Ozonized Oil Complex 30ml

The Mossi London Hair Ozonized Oil Complex

has a great impact on the transplanted area after It functions as an accelerator for skin regeneration by carrying significant levels of oxygen to the scalp, allowing injured skin where doctors open the canals to heal fast, and accelerating hair growth. This means minimizing hair loss and increasing the development of new follicles.

  • Begin using the oil 15 days after the procedure until you finish the course.
  • Apply the oil only to the transplanted area of the scalp.
  • Apply 4–8 pumps of oil to your skin, gently, using your fingertips or palms.
  • Allow the serum to absorb completely into your skin for at least 30 minutes.
  • Apply the Mossi shampoo and rinse your hair and scalp completely.
  • It is suggested that you apply it three times each week.

The Mossi London ProHair Flacon Serum

Aids in increasing cellular vitality. Also it helps well after hair transplantation by encouraging hair follicles to connect and recover faster. also Protects hair follicles against the destructive effects of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) hormone.

  • Start using the serum after 1 month on both the planted and the donor area.
  • In first 3 month you can use it without using the derma roller.
  • Leave The Flacon Therapy Serum on the scalp without rinsing it off.
  • Remove the cap from The Flacon Serum bottle and replace it with the plastic dropper inside the canister.
  • After 3 month gently move The Derma Roller to the right and left for 5 minutes on a clean scalp (without applying serum).
  • Apply 3-4 drops of The ProHair Flacon Serum by massaging the scalp with your fingers until fully absorbed.
The Mossi London ProHair Flacon Serum 10ml x6
The Mossi London ProHair Derma Roller

The Mossi London Derma Roller 540 needle

After 3 month you can use a 0.55 mm derma roller to cure hair loss. because it promotes hair development by allowing hair oil to better reach the scalp and increase collagen synthesis ,Patience and consistency are required to combat hair loss.

  • Start using the derma roller at least 3 months after the operation.
  • Before heading to bed, use the 0.50-mm derma roller for 5–10 minutes.
  • Roll it across your head in different directions, from left to right, top to bottom, and then diagonally both ways.
  • Roll it four to eight times in each direction. This ensures that all parts of the skin are targeted.

The Mossi London 6 Month Set Price

The Mossi London 6 Month Price is guaranteed by Validus Store, which, as one of Mossi London’s authorized resellers, offers:

  • The best prices and exclusive offers on a wide range of next-generation products.
  • The most recent in terms of manufacture and date.
  • To avoid counterfeiting, laser stickers are used.
  • Free and fast delivery worldwide.



The Mossi London 6 Month Flacon Plus Hair Set

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The Mossi London 6 Month Set Reviews :

What They’re Saying

The welcoming is wonderful, and the treatment altered the shape of the adviser. The procedure was quite pleasant, there were no complications, and the medical personnel was extremely knowledgeable. I was overjoyed and pleased by the findings. I would suggest it to everyone who wants to grow their hair.

David WilliamsUnited Kindom

I have been using this product for 3 months following a hair transplant I am very satisfied I really recommend them. In addition, my package had been lost by the carrier, but the customer service was very professional and responsive and sent me a new product. Thanks to the whole team.

Pascal JaminetFrance

Site is legitimate. Following the procedure, I purchased three time-dependent treatments recommended by my therapist. I received the ordered things on time. The support personnel communicated quite well. Thank you very much. I strongly suggest it.

Laura StewartAustralia

I order THE MOSSI PACKAGE SET, excellent product with nicely packed and received on time, its very convenient to purchase the products, and the customer service will guide you how to get the order, and they will monitor you until you got your order. THANK YOU SO MUCH

Ronald ValdezPoland

A specialized and highly qualified center, I worked with them for transplantation, and everyone was in the service and follow-up,They provided me with all the service and assistance before and after the operation. finally Great customer service. and i had 6 months treatment kit as gift they delivered it to my hotel.

Tony GrahamUnited State

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